Phoenix People – Tamara Kevkovski

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Today  we meet Tamara Kenkovski…one of the most important players coming up from our Volleyball Academy…She is a member of the two teams who won the National Title in the U/14 and U/16 Categories…Let’s meet Tamara.

How long have you been involved in volleyball? How did you start?
I have been playing volleyball for 3 years.I started playing volleyball at the age of 10 and it has been my aspiration ever since.
What is your biggest success and let down in your sports?
My biggest success actually occurred recently,when my team and I won the last game of the season.We won against Flyers U18 with the score 3-1 and I couldn’t be more proud of our unbelievable achievements.My biggest let down was placing second in this U18 League.
What are the biggest problems facing volleyball in Malta?
The biggest problem in Malta is that there are not many people interested in this sport.The reason being that it is not highly promoted.
What is your current position with Phoenix SC? What are your main responsibilities?
I play as the middle blocker and the captain of the U14 team.My major responsibility is to keep the spirits high on court and bring out the best in us.
How long have you been a member of Phoenix SC?
I have been a member of the Phoenix SC for 2 years.
What is a memorable moment you associate with your tenure at Phoenix SC?
For me there is certainly more than one moment in Phoenix that I will always remember.Moments when we faced the game with dignity and strength only to conquer the game.
What is a short term goal that you plan to achieve with Phoenix SC this year?
My short term goal is to work hard during the summer months to prepare for the following season.
Where do you see yourself vis-a-vis Phoenix SC and Volleyball in the next few years?
I hope in a few years time we win the U18 League and qualify for the Super League.
What song you listen to before an important match?
I undoubtedly listen to “On top of the world”by Imagine Dragons.
A person that inspires you?
One person that inspires me is Kerri Walsh due to her achievements and accomplishments in her career.Every single athlete that dedicates their life and time to their ambitions motivates me.
Any last comment?
I am proud of my team and all the happy and sad moments that we have been through that have made us stronger individually as well as a team!GOOO PHOENIX!!!!!!!
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