5 straight wins for Phoenix Nurseries

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Phoenix Sports Club logoThis past weekend was again a positive weekend for Phoenix SC nurseries following the successful streaks of the previous weekends.  Our young teams and players were faced with the difficult task to continue on the positive results of the former weekend in which our young u/17  handball and U/18 volleyball obtained important wins in their respective leagues. This week it was  our U/17′s boys turn to show what they’ve got and responded by beating Luxol HC with the score of 31-8.

Our young U/14 amd U/16 teams also had a positive weekend with the former winning a very tense match against Fleur De Lys and the latter winning on Saturday against Flyers. Both our young volleyball teams lead their respective volleyball leagues. These positive results strengthen Phoenix’s concept of heavy investment in the nursery section of our club and we are sure to bear fruits in the coming years in both these sports as well as in the sports of Basketball and Swimming under our excellent coaches.

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  1. Sarah crockford says:


    My daughter, aged 9, has been showing an interest in volleyball. Are there any classes for beginners??

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