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Wednesday is here and we are about to meet one of the founding members of Phoenix SC. Mark Borg is not only one of the most important players in the Handball team but also has been a loyal friend and an important member of our club from its early steps. Lets read what Mark has to say….funny approach but still extremely interesting :)

How long have you been involved in handball?

Back in primary school,  my elder brother and I attended the St. Aloysius Summer School. I remember having to choose two sports to play, so we chose football and handball – mainly because all of my friends had chosen those two. Had no idea what it was back then! I think I was about 10 – so to answer Orlando’s question – I’m nearing 15 years in total.

What is your biggest success and let down in your sports?

Biggest Success – Probably my proudest moment was when I captained the U-17 FISEC National Team in Hungary.

Biggest Let Down – After the tournament in Hungary, I resumed training with my former Club Aloysians. The potential for a first team place was never a realistic target, especially at that age and with the competition in the team. However, I was hurt with the way the Club handled my, and for that matter my other teammate’s, development. My biggest let down is that I let all this get to me and decided to stop handball for good.

What are the biggest problems facing handball in Malta?

I’d say lack of sporting culture – which results in few people being involved, lack of funds made available and so on and so forth. I believe that this is the main issue in all sport type in Malta – apart from football perhaps.

What is your current position with Phoenix SC? What are your main responsibilities?

I am a Handball Player positioned mainly at Centre-Back. Responsibilities include attending every training (or at least almost), paying the fee and answering questionnaires such as this thanks to our great friend Orlando :)

Joking aside, being one of the ‘elder’ members of the club, I feel a responsibility to be one of the pillars in this team – which is a duty I truly enjoy. I also feel obliged to help out with our younger warriors’ development – whom have been fantastic for us this year.

How long have you been a member of Phoenix SC?

Proudly, and thanks to many Facebook messages – again from our great friend Orlando Bonnici, accompanied by his wing-man Clint Roccia Mifsud, I have been a member from the very inception of this club – 4 years.

What is a memorable moment you associate with your tenure at Phoenix SC?

The guys have definitely heard this story – or actually been there. With two games to go, in our second season with the club, we needed a win against Kavalieri to secure second place in the league. After a very close game I scored with 3 seconds left on the clock to win the match 18-17.

What is a short term goal that you plan to achieve with Phoenix SC this year?

A strong finish to the season – and to be honest to beat DLS and/or Aloysians

Which song you listen to before a game?

Usually Brendon Cascun takes care of the music – but if I had to choose a song it will probably be Hit me baby one more time- Brittany Spears.

Where do you see yourself vis-a-vis Phoenix SC in the next few years?

Although I am considered as an ‘elder member’ of the club, I am still 24 and believe that I have a lot of playing years ahead of me. I see myself growing in a team which is very young and looks to have a lot of potential. Hopefully I will  still be one of the pillars of the team – maybe captain one day :)

Someone who inspires you?

Definitely  Roberto Lagana

Any last comment?

Looking back at the long conversations I cannot thank both Orlando and Roccia enough for everything that they have done for this team. Hope that one day we will return your support and sacrifice with a title :)

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