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It’s Wednesday again and today we will meet Marie Claire Polidano, the captain of our women’s handball team and also a member of the Handball committee. Marie Claire has been one of the founding members of the female handball team. Let’s meet her.

How long have you been involved in Handball?

I actually used to enjoy playing football at school. I had never heard of handball before I started playing it. Then, friends of mine started to encourage me to start this game at the age of 17. I gave it a try and never looked back. Now this is my 7th year of playing handball.

What is your biggest success and let down in your sports?

My biggest success is that I learnt many values and a discipline that helped me to be more diligent in my everyday life.

My biggest let down, just happened a couple of weeks ago, losing a dear coach in a matter of months Bjarte Fugelenes. A person who was dedicated to the maximum and was working hard along with his wife to push the women’s team forward. He truly believed in me and he was like a father to us all.  Although J Bjarte heard our prayers and sent Falk immediately to continue his work.

What are the biggest problems facing Handball in Malta?

In my humble opinion it is the lack of promotion of the sport. Maltese people still asks you “How is handball played?” “Is it true?? Handball exists in Malta??”. The Handball Association should start promoting handball in general everywhere, all year round. Hopefully it will lead to more investment within the sport leading to a growth in numbers of people following this sport. Despite the fact that this sport is still very new in Malta, I believe that the same way it found its way around Europe and in some Mediterranean cultures; it can find its way in Malta too.

What is your current position with Phoenix SC?

I am the Goalkeeper and Captain for the First Division Ladies team. Also I lead the Fundraising Committee for the Club.

 What are your main responsibilities?

Being the captain means that you’re not only present to train yourself to become better, but you must also push the whole team to always be better. Keeping an eye the club’s unity and ensuring that no one is left behind. Obviously this is done in coordination with the 2nd division captain Ariana and the coaches Falk and Annalena.

 As a fundraising committee, well to keep anything rolling it needs money, so we try to invent as many activities for the club and their families and friends to enjoy while we try to earn something to invest more and more in our players.

How long have you been a member of Phoenix SC?

As soon as Phoenix started to play its first season!

What is a memorable moment you associate with your tenure at Phoenix SC?

The club is still young… therefore I must say that the most memorable moment for me is watching the family grow…it is an amazing feeling to be honest.

What is a short term goal that you plan to achieve with Phoenix SC this year?

I want to see the people who started a couple of months ago keep on working hard as they are and continue growing with the experienced ones, as I truly believe that this year we can build a solid women’s team.

Where do you see yourself vis-a-vis Phoenix SC in the next few years?

Raising cups and taking photos as we would be the winning, Maltese based, club

Phoenix is a club that always gives a chance to the beginner. The individual attention that the players are given is remarkable. That helps each individual to literally ‘UNLEASH THE ATHLETE WITHIN YOU’

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