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Today, in our weekly section Phoenix People, we are meeting David from the handball team. David joined last year as an U/17 player and has quickly risen up the ranks to become a regular player also in the senior Handball team.  Lets meet David and see what he has to tell us…

How long have you been involved in handball?

When I was young I used to regularly watch my brothers play handball and this made me start at quite a young age. I started training when I was 10 (prep 6 primary school) and haven’t stopped since. So I;ve been basically playing for around 8 years.

What is your biggest success and let down in your sports?

My biggest success would have to be either our win against Kavallieri last week; when we came from behind to win Mike’s last game as our coach. Or when we went to Sicily for a training camp and had a small tournament against local teams where we beat palermo.

My biggest let down has to be losing the u17 league final after all the hard work we lost it at the very end due to many mistakes and over excitement.

What are the biggest problems facing handball in Malta?

Even though handball has grew over the past few years in Malta, I still think it must increase its popularity in order to attract more people and children to start at a younger age. This could help increase the number of clubs in Malta making it a much more interesting league. Apart from this I also am totally against the refereeing system in Malta, the fact that all the referees (with a few exceptions) are players from other clubs just does not make sense to me.

What is your current position with Phoenix SC? What are your main responsibilities?

I mostly play in the left-back and centre position. Apart from being dedicated i think my main responsibilities are trying to maintain a good chemistry in the team and i also try push my team mates, especially the ones my age not to miss training and, as mike would say, give it their full 100% every time.

How long have you been a member of Phoenix SC?

I started my experience at phoenix in the summer of 2013, after being unhappy at my 1st club Aloysians. The decision to move to Phoenix is one I will surely never regret :)

What is a memorable moment you associate with your tenure at Phoenix SC?

I think it must be the u17 match against aloysians, which my team mates say it has to be one of the my best performances. We had lost the first round against them by 1 goal in the last 2 minutes of the match, after which i had gotten an unjust 2-minute suspension. Again over excitement and too many mistakes was the cause of our loss.

However when the second round came, we were prepared to win. Even though I was man-marked for almost the entire match, I still managed to score 12 goals and controlled most of the match. In the end we won comfortably with 11 goals (24-13) and proved to everyone what good coaching and actual training can do.

What is a short term goal that you plan to achieve with Phoenix SC this year?
I wish to help my team win the Mens 2nd Division and therefore win the first title for phoenix. Beating Aloysians in the mens 1st division is also something I would like to do till the end of the this season.
          Which song you listen to before a game?
Brendan usually takes care of the music. The first song he plays is always Smells like teen spirit of Nirvana; helps Brendan reminisce on his youth :)

Where do you see yourself vis-a-vis Phoenix SC in the next few years?

In a few years I would like to permanently take the central role of the mens 1st division and be the first pick for the centre position (sorry brother :P ). However this is a tough challenge as it is currently occupied by Mark Borg who surely knows what he is doing and is a great leader to look up to.

Someone who inspires you?

I look up to all the founding players of the club as they have much more experience than me and i can only learn from them. However I’d have to say that Rocca (a.k.a. Clinton Mifsud), inspires me most. He never fails to attend training even when he’s not physically 100%. He never gives up during the match and one can always hear him roar during from the back of the defensive line. He is also one hell of a goalkeeper, not only being consistent throughout all the matches but he produces saves which a goalkeeper shouldn’t produce. He also manages to keep us in the game; not only on the score board but also mentally there and pushes us not to give up. He is truly an inspiration and I look forward to the years to come with him being phoenix’s best last line of defence.

Any last comment?
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