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Today we meet Ariana…one of our very own Handball players and also a member of our Handball committee. Ariana has been one of the founding members of Phoenix SC women’s team and is now a regular player in our Swieqi Handball teams…Let’s meet Ariana…

How long have you been involved in handball?

Just over a year give or take. I actually initially joined the club on a dare given to me by Krista Cuschieri :P

What is your biggest success and let down in your sports?

Success – I still remember the 2011 Izole Cup where we were against LA Salle and losing by a number of goals. After half time was over we motivated each other and got back onto the court full of energy. It was amazing how much we were shouting at each other to persist till the end. It turned out to be a game where many of us who were new to the sport had scored their first goal. Me included! : )

Let down – it would have to be the small amount of people competing in this sport and how difficult it is to get into schools and convince others how great this sport is.

What are the biggest problems facing handball in Malta?

You can’t get people to stop liking football or ballet so that they can give handball a chance and realise they actually like it better! ;)

What is your current position with Phoenix SC? What are your main responsibilities?

I currently play as a pivot, am captain to the ladies second division and help in organising events for fundraising.

How long have you been a member of Phoenix SC?

Always a Phoenixian! Nothing else :P

What is a memorable moment you associate with your tenure at Phoenix SC?

The most recent one has got to be the win against Luxol a couple of weeks ago. We spent some time building on the team’s spirit a little before that game and the moment we won it made us all so much closer as a team and we’re still feeling the motivation that resulted from that day till now.

What is a short term goal that you plan to achieve with Phoenix SC this year?

Having the beginners and experienced players continue to work together, keeping the levels of motivation high and getting players to be confident during the game – that has been our recipe whenever we won a game till now.

Which song do you listen to before a game?

The voices in my head telling me “Don’t screw this up.”

Where do you see yourself vis-a-vis Phoenix SC in the next few years?

I often imagine myself flying across the goaler’s area, turning 360 degrees and carrying out an amazing goal … just like the videos I see on YouTube… the reality is still a liiiitle bit far from that.

Any last comment?

Phoenix always welcomes anyone who is a beginner and keeps pushing you to try your best so if you’re having any second thoughts about trying handball …just go ahead and come to one of our sessions. Im still here even after a dare :P

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