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Today in our weekly section of Phoenix people we meet Annalena Fuglenes…. a Swedish person at the heart of  our Handball teams. Annelena joined us few years back and has been eversince an important part of our Handball development programme.  Let’s meet Annalena….

How long have you been involved in handball?

Since 2004, as husband was a handball player and two children of the were playing as well. As I am not a handball player myself, I would lie if I said that I was very engaged, but I learned to appreciate looking at them playing

What is your biggest success and let down in your sports?

For me it has been and it is a huge pleasure to share some of my knowledge about diet and physical training and I experience that the players are very receptive to learn.

The biggest let down was when the women teams lost their coach and I lost my husband

What are the biggest problems facing handball in Malta?

1 Handball is not well known in Malta. Many people do not know that there are handball teams here. Even worse, some does not even know what handball is!

2 We have a lot of “mind-sets” to deal with as “sports are not important”. There is a big lack of knowledge that sports, apart from making you strong, fit and healthy, also make you smarter!

3 We have to reach the “critical mass” to make people understand that handball is a multi-task sport that do not only train your body but also the coordination, balance and your decision-making capacity. Handball is physical chess!

What is your current position with Phoenix SC? What are your main responsibilities?

I am assistant coach and responsible for the physical training of the women´s teams. I am also a physiotherapist

How long have you been a member of Phoenix SC?

Since 2013 when my husband begun as assistant coach/goal keeper trainer for the men’ s teams.

What is a memorable moment you associate with your tenure at Phoenix SC?

I have three

1 When we did the Program Declaration for the women on our terrace last spring. I think that lit a spark for all of us.

2 The Sicaly training camp last September.

3 The 1 division won the game against Luxol

What is a short term goal that you plan to achieve with Phoenix SC this year?

 I will quote from the Programme Declaration:

“Season 2014-2015: We will lose a lot but learn by every loss with the means of reflexion and action. Emphasis on Teambuilding, as good team’s beet talent. We will keep our heads held high and support each other no matter what.”

Which song you listen to before a game?

I keep on listening to Pink Floyd, Shine on your crazy diamonds, Sabaton, Final Solution and Fall out Boys, The Phoenix

Where do you see yourself vis-a-vis Phoenix SC in the next few years?

I will keep on following our plan a couple of years more and to see us take at least one of the national cups and that we will have a minimum of 3 players in the national team I also want to experience that our team is led by coaches from our own ranks and that we have secured the succession in all positions and in coaching locally.

Someone who inspires you?

All of our committed members of Phoenix SC and of course my beloved husband.

Any last comment?

It was quite unexpected that I became a handball coach! I am very happy and proud about being part of The Phoenix Family.

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