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Today we would like to share with you an inspirational story sent to us by our Basketball member, Nicola…we think its worthwhile to read and shows true power of determination.

This is my story, how did I manage to lose 21 Kilos. From 95.1Kgs to 74.1Kgs (still more to go)

Life wasn’t easy for me, I am always smiling and funny but deep down I was never happy with myself, how I look and what to wear. Clothes were always an issue to me (always in trousers) and being surrounded by size 8/10 friends was always harder. Nowadays you can find bigger sizes in shops so some mig…ht not care about their weight. I was always active in sports and so was my tummy in food. I use to eat sweets, chocolates, junk food, alcohol – you name it I ate it!! What to say about being called ‘baby elephant’, ‘balena’ although they said it just to laugh, deep down it hurts! Last year I had a major injury in my knee and had to stop 7 months from not playing basketball, kilos piled up and being in a relation puts you in a comfort zone and all I did was eat, eat and eat!

On Christmas day I took a photo with my sister and niece and that is where I realized that all this has to STOP! I looked like a piggy!! On 5th January 2015 I enrolled in a gym, consulted a nutrionist and after 3 months I started personal training too. I do it 3 times a week with my trainer @ 6am before work, then I have a session alone in the weekends to add to all this I play basketball too 4 times a week. A lot of dedication and determination. The first two months were detox to me, no cheat meals but its past now and once every 2 weeks I do have my cheat meals. My body needs that shock.
Today I do not consider myself to be on a diet, it’s a lifestyle I got use to. Going out to discos I drink water, once a while I sip a vodka but I’m past the stage of getting wasted. I feel healthy and fit, I can run and play basketball for 1hr non-stop. All my friends are like ‘wow what a change’
I AM PROUD FOR WHO I BECAME AND FOR WHAT I WANT TO BECOME. I have some goals to achieve but there I am getting there (and now I can wear dresses and skirts too)
Sorry for the long story, but to all out there who are staring a diet DON’T GIVE UP, DETERMINATION LEADS YOU TO SUCCESS.

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