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Campaign by Phoenix Sports Club aimed at promoting more healthier lifestyle among Maltese children and teens.

#KickObesity Campaign now on facebook

Share with your friends :) TweetPhoenix sports club has now launched its anti-Obesity campaign also on facebook. #KickObesity’s aims are to educate an promote a healthier lifestyle with young generations an their parent alike. Articles will be posted together with information on how one can enjoy a better and healthier  lifestyle...
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#KickObesity – Lack of Sleep might lead to Obesity in Children

Share with your friends :) Tweet In our weekly article from our #KickObesity campaign aimed at fighting and reducing child obesity we will look today at an unexpected resource that might help our children have a healthier lifestyle. New studies show a direct connection between obesity and insufficient sleep. Children with...
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The Food Pyramid for Kids

Share with your friends :) TweetAs part of our ongoing campaing against obesity, #KickObesity, today we will bring you the most basic teaching tool which should guide our food intake. The Food Pyramid. This Food Pyramid is especially designed for children and should educate us on which foods to take...
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Phoenix SC against Obesity #KickObesity

Share with your friends :) Tweet Phoenix Sports Club has launched a campaign to tackle obesity among Malta’s upcoming generation. The initiative, named #KickObesity, is calling out for an increased number of hours in physical education, healthier lunch options in school tuck-shops, promotion of sports activities in local councils as...
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#KickObesity Campaign

Share with your friends :) TweetPhoenix SC will launch in the coming weeks a campaign aimed at fighting child and  teen Obesity and promote a more healthier lifestyle. This is the first post on our website on this topic. For more information please contact us on Share with your...
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