Phoenix SC Teams have the perfect weekend

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Phoenix SC teams managed to make an en plein of positive results when all 4 teams playing this weekend managed to win all their respective encounters. This was topped by a great performance by our swimmers in their first International Competition, with the Phoenix swimmers taking a total of 6 medals home. The victorious Phoenix teams in action this weekend were the Hanball men 2nd Division, Women 1st Division and also the U/17 Girls. The other Phoenix team in competition this weekend was our senior Volleyball team Phoenix MelitaUnipol.

In the first game of the weekend, Phoenix DHL, the men 2nd Division team, won comfortably against Luxol HC. Our young and promising team took an early lead that they continued to administer till the end of the game. This is the second consecutive victory for this team and is now joined third in their division. With one more game to go, our players are now aiming to continue the positive streak in preparation of the knockout competition later on in May.

The other match on Saturday was beteen our first division women handball team, Phoenix Dolcino against Aloysians. This resulted in a very entertaining game with both teams juggling the lead in several instances. With both teams missing their top scorers several of the Phoenix girls rose to the occasion and the team produced one of its best performance of the season. In the final minutes our girls took an important 1-goal lead which they managed to defend till the end.

On Sunday morning, our young U/17 handball girls, Phoenix PAVI, had their third game in a week, and they stretched their unbeaten record to  six consecutive positive results following the draw last Wednesday.  This streak of positive results highlights the good work being done by our coaches and the players and augurs well for the future of female handball at Phoenix SC.

The fourth victory of the weekend was obtained by our senior volleyball team Phoenix MelitaUnipol, who faced Qormi VC in a very delicate title match. Qormi VC have always been a hard team to play against for our girls but this time our team was focused and managed to put on court their best performance of the season.  Phoenix MelitaUnipol managed to take a clean 3-0 win home, and dominated the game especially in the final set. This victory puts our team a step closer towards the much coveted championship, although there are 3 very difficult games waiting for our girls in the next weeks.  We know the girls will be even more focused and yesterday’s victory show that they are ready for the challenge ahead.


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